Why select 100E

Wood–Polymer composites are remarkable in their performance characteristics and properties. That includes lightweight, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-proof, UV-resistance, color stable, highly resistant to moisture, and termites. As a result of this incredible flexibility and versatility, this composite has a high potential in maximizing performance and lowering life-cycle costs across all types of construction.

Why select 100E

Featured Benefits

• 100Elements WPC products inherit the natural wood's features, lightweight, durability, ease of installation and maintenance, anti-impact, wear-proof, UV-resistance, color stable, highly resistant to moisture and termites, requires no painting, weather-resistant and suitable from -40 to 60 degree of C making it preferable over conventional building material.
• 100Elements customizes the products by applying Anti-bacterial as well as fire-retardant additives in a particular application.
• Excellent moisture resistance. The polymer component of our WPC provides waterproof properties.

• Our products' non-corrosive, antibacterial, and durable nature, as well as no discoloration feature (due to surface molds and stain fungi), renders the best application in bathrooms, kitchens, wall claddings, and false ceilings.
• 100Elements products don't require surface coating, unlike other surfacing materials. This will save cost, labor, and time.
• Wooden carpentry tools used for cutting, nailing, drilling, and sand finishing, apply to our WPC just like wood.
• High noise insulation. Panels made by our wood-polymer composite, significantly reduce the sound coming from the street, This effect is due to the dense structure of the WPC,
• Durable structure. Our WPC well tolerates mechanical effects on pressure and shock, as well as vibration, meaning that under optimal operating conditions, our products should last from 10 to 25 years.

• Aesthetic quality. 100Elements products look great, completely imitating the texture of natural wood.

• Our products can be recycled for other processing.
• Ecological composition. It does not contain toxic compounds; composite microparticles do not cause allergic reactions.


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